Simio Labs

Programing electronics from the tropics!

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We like creating technology solutions based on electronics. Why do a job when a tiny computer can do it for you?

Our great team constatly strives for the best solution to your needs.

Our Services


We will design your software application for dedicated systems. Let us help you get from idea to implementation.

Sensing and Actuation

Have a sensor or actuator you want to add to your project? We can connect it for you.

Data Analisys

Want to get the most out of your data? Let us collect it, analyze it and show it to you in an easy-to-understand way.

Internet of Things

Everything is getting connected to the internet, from garbage cans to automobiles. We can add your project to the ever-growning list!

Our Work

Check out what keeps us busy.


Solar distillation treatment of landfill leachate

La Carpintera Bakery

Energy use monitoring

Paga Fácil

Electronic payment system


Solar oven