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If you want to extract the config file from existing linux image, zImage or bzImage, do the following (only applies if was built with the IKCONFIG option): Download the files with the linux sources: <code> cd mkdir krn cd krn/ wget </code> Unpack the linux kernel sources: <code> tar xvfz tskernel-2.6.21-ts-src.tar.gz </code> Go into the directory of the kernel sources: <code> cd linux-2.6.21-ts/ </code> Type: <code> chmod 755 ./scripts/extract-ikconfig </code> Run: <code> ./scripts/extract-ikconfig /tmp/zImage > /tmp/config </code> Where /tmp/zImage is a kernel file you want to extract the config file from, and /tmp/config where the extracted configuration file will be placed.

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