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===== Introduction ===== This guide will help you connect [[|Futronic's FS80 USB2.0 fingerprint scanner]] to your TS-7500. After contacting Futronic, they sent us the driver for the ARM architecture and it was really easy to set it up. ==== Installing the driver ==== Download, untar and compile the driver: <code> cd /opt wget tar xvfz Futronic_FS80_USB_ARM_crosstool-gcc334glibc232_driver.tar.gz cd Futronic_FS80_USB_ARM_crosstool-gcc334glibc232_driver/ScanAPI_Ex/ cp /usr/lib/ </code> Change the compiler from CC=arm-linux-gcc to CC=gcc, <code> nano ftrScanAPI_Ex.mak </code> so it looks like this: <code> TARGET=ftrScanAPI_Ex CC=gcc CFLAGS=-Wall -O2 -I./ all: $(TARGET) $(TARGET): $(TARGET).c $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o $(TARGET) $(TARGET).c $(FTRSCANAPI_DLIB) clean: rm -f $(TARGET) </code> Compile it and run it: <code> make -f ftrScanAPI_Ex.mak ./ftrScanAPI_Ex </code>

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